Look around you!
There is chaos.
Chaos you can’t enumerate,
Chaos that has hidden enigma.
Chaos that you can’t decipher.
Inside the chaos it is dark.
Inside the darkness, there’s you.
Hunting for the self.
But The mind is a battlefield where heart dances with chaos to find the light.
May be love will bring the light, you thought.
May be knowledge will drill the holes, you believed.
May be fate will mend the scars, you yearned.
But chaos never stopped.
It hauled you like waves hitting the shore.
Darkness overhaul you or you overhaul the darkness.
Finally you bend the knee.


Lines of past ,
Shattered pieces of heart,

Screaming the names of all my dreams.
Stories of present,

Feeling of resent,

Killing me inside haunting me with quests.
Fear of future,

Filled my lungs,

Reminding of my unforgottable intent.
Still ..

here I am,

Picking the shattered pieces,

Joining them with life,

Sticking them with the glue of pain.

Handling it with care till it reformed into new.

Here I am, with Eyes full of passion, heart full of rage, ready to face the world.