As she wrapped her arms around him, silence roared and words fell.

His heartbeats were speaking pain and his hands seeking comfort.

His tears started hers and she was stumped if they came out of love or sympathy. 

May be his pain spilled love. 

May be her care for him did.

Love was baffled too. 


Life is weird!


Life is weird. One day you will all be happy and content and next day BAM! something struck you right through your heart and made you sad. It is quite obvious that life is all about ups and downs like a roller coaster. However, some people hold on to the things that make them smile and others hold the pain inside them. Whilst holding and leaving the elements of this enigmatic journey called life, I realized something.

I realized how I am blessed with everything that most do not possess.

How I have been showered with everything that very few are lucky enough to have it.

I realized that how people are there for me whenever I need and  help me however they can just to make me smile.

Then I realized something else. Was I the one who complained about not having things, not being with people who doesn’t give a damn, not reaching goals I imagined?.

In the quest of reaching new bunch of so-called “Perfect“, I had left behind whole bunch of already gifted “Perfect“.
The joy of watching sunset,

the feel of melody in my ears,

the sense of twirling wind around my skin,

laughter of sibling when I fall,

smell of tea that I love,

tears of my best friend when I fall,

the savor of Samosas mom made,

loving father who gets me whatever I want,

enjoying favorite chai with close friends,

peaceful sleep below the secure shelter,
and so many things that made me glee and made me realize that I am not alone

all these struck to me that how  immature and obstinate I was to renounce the bliss of having so many perfect things.

Then it occurred to me,

Life is not full of ups and downs…
Our thoughts are…