When the sun dawned,
and the moon rose,
the hearts danced of emotions.

Some were tender and sweet,
and some were bitter and hard.
Some were very dark that none could hack.

Her laughs were songs and his talks were tunes.
Their love was hoot of an owl.

Her gentle hair and kind smile,
His delicate soul and her tough pride,
made the cupid shoot love to their exact marks.


As she wrapped her arms around him, silence roared and words fell.

His heartbeats were speaking pain and his hands seeking comfort.

His tears started hers and she was stumped if they came out of love or sympathy. 

May be his pain spilled love. 

May be her care for him did.

Love was baffled too. 

Did I fall in love?
Or did i just trip?
Did I let her touch my soul?
Or did I just escape?
So many questions,
So many answers,
Unmatchable. Undeniable.
May be I didn’t fall for her.
May be I just fell with the idea of loving her.
Should I tell her?
Tell her that I’m confused!
Confused, bewildered, struck.
Standing amidst nowhere wondering what’s between us.
But again, what’s between us?
What’s that feeling that my senses refute but my subconscious bargain.