May be smile is overrated.
You never know what’s behind.
The pain, the rejoice or the love.
On the contrary, tears always boast of truth through eyes.
Wonder why it’s always underrated.


What would you write?

When you are soaked in the ocean of pain.

What would you write?

When there’s nothing left to express.

What would you write?

When you’re locked by your own feelings. 

What would you write?

When the person who would initiate the words deny to speak up.

What would you write?

When your heart is a desert where there is hardly any love.

What would you write?

Coz love induces feelings 

And feelings is out of words.

What would you write?

When you’re banished from the world of words, just because you’ve run out of emotions.

She was strong, yet delicate.

She was wild, yet serene.

She was fed up, yet hopeful.

She was outgoing, yet enigmatic.

She was everything the world wanted to be, 

Yet her heart pounded every second craving for something she never knew.

She was the very person she planned to be, yet her mind regretted every minute of her life.

She was the one, 

who could change the world,


She was the one who loved herself less than the rest.


Lines of past ,
Shattered pieces of heart,

Screaming the names of all my dreams.
Stories of present,

Feeling of resent,

Killing me inside haunting me with quests.
Fear of future,

Filled my lungs,

Reminding of my unforgottable intent.
Still ..

here I am,

Picking the shattered pieces,

Joining them with life,

Sticking them with the glue of pain.

Handling it with care till it reformed into new.

Here I am, with Eyes full of passion, heart full of rage, ready to face the world.