None of it is fair, nobody is hale, nowhere is bright .

When fate turns around, even pretty flower makes you choke.


Dear body,

I know you are managing everything on your own and sometimes when you need me, I’ll be in disguise. So here I am saying sorry for not keeping up with you when you needed me the most.

Sorry for one extra piece of red velvet that you couldn’t break for I will have it only when my mood goes off the hook.

Sorry for those oily gobi manchuri mornings that I know you can’t handle. But I eat that only to lighten up my mood to face the day.

Sorry for those extra cheese slices with anything I eat for I am a big fan of Jerry of Tom and Jerry.

Sorry for those missed meals where I ignored you even you roared out loud for my own good.

Sorry for those missed gym sessions and brisk walks for it meddles my sleeping routine. 

I know you grow mad when I do those things and sometimes you get angry and get bigger. But I just want to tell you that I love you a lot.

Every new year’s and Birthday’s  I think of you and promise myself to take care of you well.

And I promise I won’t break that promise.



She was strong, yet delicate.

She was wild, yet serene.

She was fed up, yet hopeful.

She was outgoing, yet enigmatic.

She was everything the world wanted to be, 

Yet her heart pounded every second craving for something she never knew.

She was the very person she planned to be, yet her mind regretted every minute of her life.

She was the one, 

who could change the world,


She was the one who loved herself less than the rest.


Did I fall in love?
Or did i just trip?
Did I let her touch my soul?
Or did I just escape?
So many questions,
So many answers,
Unmatchable. Undeniable.
May be I didn’t fall for her.
May be I just fell with the idea of loving her.
Should I tell her?
Tell her that I’m confused!
Confused, bewildered, struck.
Standing amidst nowhere wondering what’s between us.
But again, what’s between us?
What’s that feeling that my senses refute but my subconscious bargain.