Dear Best friend turned stranger,
I know it feels weird that you and me are strangers, but it is true. Once, you were piece of my heart, panacea for my soul and part of my life. Now you are just a girl whom I know, but still don’t know.

I still remember the time when a day would feel incomplete without talking to you. Now it’s been days since I haven’t even seen you. Remember the day when you picked me up when I fell off the swing. I swear I thought you would be my soul sister with whom I grow old talking about fantasies, bitching about people, sharing the world.
I presumed the ice cream cone once we shared, those shirts we  wore with ‘bff‘ on it said it all. We were inseperable, I thought.

Then you gushed me with your ego one day, pushing me to my limits of letting you go.
I yielded you an apology, I tried to make up,  but you pushed me away like water pushing its creatures to the shore.
All I thought was you becoming a stranger was all my mistake until I found that you had based our friendship on ego and competitiveness.

You abandoned me, left me in hell whilst you enjoy with your new friends.
I was left in the dark with a horror of guilt, but somehow found a new world to fit in. And that’s when you came back apologizing and crying. I still remember the days when your tears initiated mine. The days when your tears would feel like my enemy, now the same tears feel dry and deserted of feelings.

They said broken love hurts more than anything until you made me realize that broken friendship is the worst. It is painful, but I guess it is for the best. I lost a part of me when you were busy defending your reasons. I’m afraid that part can never be found again. So yes, now you’re just a stranger in my life.


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